Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Quilt That All Most Wasn't

Rhona with Sixty quilt... Of course she has awhile before she hits sixty. But there are three of us who have already passed that milestone. Those babies weren't sure we would be here to do our part... Guess we showed them!

The quilt disappeared for a short time. We thought it was lost. The "Elder" made her another quilt that was use for the label after the real one showed up. giggle.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where did they go?

Someone yelled eat, Jody and I was all that was left. :) Pictured above, are round robin dolls, gifts, Styrofoam heads decorated how ever we wanted etc. Will have more pictures of these in later posts.                                                                                                                                          

Some one must have hollered, "squirrel". It look like all was dropped and away the girls went.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Pumpkins

We are blessed to have in our group, Sherry, who made each one of us these darling pumpkin to be ready for Halloween. The children in are neighborhoods will be greeted first by these friendly and happy pumpkins, as they knock on the doors for their treats. Thanks Sherry, we love them.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beauiful, Perfect Sleep

This was one of "The Elder's show and tell she shared with us, Chocolate Night September 20,2013.
Tucked back in her bedroom, for one to see before closing eyes. Sure to bring peacefully sleep and calming dreams. The brain does not quit working, even while we're sleeping-it just work on a different level. In the sleep mode, the brain works out problems and makes new connections that it is too distracted and busy to do in the waking state. To protect and encourage this peaceful sleep, we're constantly making choices. What a wonderful choice Jody made when she decided to make these dolls, arrange them to close her eyes for the day. Allowing her brain a peaceful sleep to work from. Beautiful, perfect sleep. The O' Blogger.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It has been a while:

But I am back again!  Thanks to son Josh, I have a computer to use. No pictures tonight, as I don't know where my pictures are or even if they are on this computer. Another thing I don't know: how I messed up my old computer. I truly believe it may have been older than me in computer years, and just kicked the bucket....

 Yes we are still a group. We are working on year 14.  It is only one day till our yearly chocolate night, which it seems has turned into all day and night. We would get so excited each year as it drew near, some began arriving a little earlier and a little earlier. Till this year it seems some may arrive at "The Elder's" before dawn.  One of projects we are looking forward too this Friday is the exchange of our round robin dolls. Each one made a cloth doll, complete with a painted face. Every two months the dolls were passed on to a sister to create works of art to add life. So we have not saw them for a year. Last seen they were bald with every thing hanging out. Hence we can hardly wait for the unveiling. Did "The Elder" agree on 6AM instead of 6PM?

I am hoping to have pictures to share this week-end. The Ol Blogger

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween is Almost Here....

Some how I missed this pictures with Cindy T's doll.. Adorable and all ready for Trick or Treat.. 

Cindy had finished her Halloween Quilt when we had our Winter Studio..Here it is hanging on my design wall..I was hoping she would forget it..No such luck..The Ol'Blogger..

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cindys Doll House Decorated for Fall

 There has been pictures of Cindy T's doll house before..But she has added to it, so I want to share it again..Please be sure and click and enlarge each picture so you can see all the detail Cindy has put into the house..

Upstairs baloney with the little table and chairs, I don't know for sure but I wouldn't be surprise to find out she created the top of the table and chairs..

You have to admit this is just so cute with the little rocker and pumpkins and all..

I do believe the dogs are new..anyway I don't remember them..notice the corn shacks in the corner..The tree with the fall leaves..Cindy I do so enjoy your toys..The Ol'Blogger

Friday, October 26, 2012

Cindy's Autumn...

 Last week I was at Cindy T's to pick up a pattern, so I took some pictures of her fall decor..Since I wouldn't be there on Saturday for our monthly SoTA Day, as I would be in Graceland. Which was a wonderful trip. I just love Cindy's Autumn Pumpkin, I know I have showed this before, but never get enough of it..
This Cat wall hanging is new this year..She has it decorating the stairway to her sewing studio..It is honor of a cat that adopted them a few years back.:)
Her Baltimore Quilt has taken up residents for the season on the middle wall of a double stairway which leads to the living room or the kitchen..More to come..The Ol'Blogger

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winter Studio

 Pictures from the first every "Winter Studio", which was last Thursday..I will never be able to thank these girls enough, for sharing my first winter with out Harold. They have given me something to look forward too. When Harold went to Heaven he knew he was leaving me in good hands..Can always count on those SoTA Sisters...
 All working away on individual projects. Each brought their own lunch and Rhona came with sweet rolls to start the morning out...We did miss Kathy, her sweet Mom (one of our favorite people) had a heart attack the night before.. We are so pleased to hear she is on the mend.. We all love you and send you our prayers, Mom...
Always lots of conversation with our work..Thanks again girls..We will be meeting every Thursday threw the winter...The Ol'Blogger

Monday, October 15, 2012

Flat SoTA's First Road Trip...

 Jody, Rhona and I took a road trip to Columbus on Friday to the QOV Display...Then the three of us ate at Smith's Row..We had a Monto Cristo which is shaved ham, smoked turkey, and swiss cheese packed into layers of white bread. Then dredged in egg batter, fried to golden brown and sprinkled with powdered sugar. With homemade potato chips..hhmmm good...Standing in the back leaning against the wall, looking on as we ate, would be Flat Cindy, Flat Kathy and Flat Sherry as they weren't able to make the trip in person...Then we made a stop at the Brown County Winery before heading to Joann in Bloomington to pick up a few items on the way home...Was a great outing...The Ol'Blogger